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Thanks to advances in technology, particularly mobile phone cameras, photography is more accessible for almost anyone to create many types of art which was out of reach decades ago.

However, there is still a wide range of situations that is only achieved by experts. Homiesfoto’s photo editing service allows you to save time to spend on other tasks and leave space for us to help you out with complicated editing jobs.

Options of bulk purchase or buying regularly?

As for an order of bigger than 10 images, there is a several of discounts for Lightroom and Photoshop editing available for you to opt in.

Why should you hire Professional Lightroom and Photoshop Services?

Although it’s true that almost any camera today can produce expected results, there is still a lot of education, research, practice and refinement required to make an outstanding picture possible. The first reason we want to mention here is learning process. It’s agreeable to say that becoming an accomplished photographer is possible, but that can’t be achieved in a single day.

Let’s say, you take a job from a very demanding client with requirements of urge deadline and perfect results, you might be unable to obtain top class results even when you have the necessary resources. It’s like a DIY job, though you might have a garage full of tools and some experience in one area, you still need to call in a pro if you really want to get the job done right.

Another frequent situation is that you are unable to find the balance between job volume and workforce. For example, your business has a fluctuated and unstable number of customers (it can be due to seasonal service or change in market demand), you only have a limited workforce and when a huge number of jobs flows in at the same time, your business might be overwhelmed and find it difficult to meet the requirements of all customers. At that scenario, to maintain high-end photo retouching services, you must outsource Professional Lightroom and Photoshop Services.

In order to meet such demands, we create a wide range of different Photoshop services compatible with the needs of any type of customer while providing the top-notch results.

How does the Professional Photo Editing Services work?

The process is quiet simple just like going online shopping at any other websites. First of all, you need to provide the specific pictures that you want to edit and meanwhile, you can also select options of how your pictures are wished to be edited, ranging from filming, retouching, saturating, reviewing the work performed,…

After that, click to Shoping Cart button to add your requirements to order list, and then go to “Checkout”. Then you will be redirected to payment process, in which you should follow the instruction of payment options and regulations.

To finish the whole process, you need to upload your unedited images which should be attached with a brief text below each to specify the type of adjustment you wish to make. For instance, pleasing background, exposure settings, blurring objects, vintage look, etc… And in the process of editing, the photo retoucher who is directly in charge of editing your photo might contact you regularly to keep track with your requirements as well as ensure the quality of the photo retouching services.

How long does it take for the Photoshop services to be completed?

It depends on the amount of work that you demand, and the complication of your photo adjustments, within a maximum period of 5 days. Please note that with each order of a large volume of images, you will be offered a considerable discount compared to several small orders of few photos.

Why is our professional image editing a great learning experience?

Our Photoshop service does not only provide the best results that you desire but also allows the customers to observe the whole process of retouching with the option of recording the editing process. Therefore, you can easily acknowledge how the process is handled step by step as well as learn some unique image editing skills and techniques from our experts. This is unique as you can hardly find another service provider which is willing to show you how the work done.

Some of our photo editing services include the following

Image retouching

We use manipulation and correction techniques including body and face beautification such as color adjustment, background removal and scratch repair. The process also assists in  skin retouching, background modification, teeth whitening, elimination of skin flaws, facial hair elimination, stray hair/ wrinkle removal. We also use high-end retouching techniques restore the quality of pictures that are vintage, blurred, abnormally-exposed….

Body slimming

We aim to retain a natural look while using techiques in weight reduction, lenthening legs, adding six-pack and muscles, enlarge breasts and create S curve, correcting facial shape,… We avoid over-editing to produce quality retouched images.

Background removal

We have the right resources and framework perform neat removal of certain objects or individuals from an image or even blur the whole background and replace it with the new one to bring maximum attention to the main subject.

Color replacement

We guarantee matchless color scheme ranging from performing old photo enhancement along with enlargement so that you can get your memories framed to turning on light effect, implementing the color correction technique to maintain a perfect balance of the colors in the images to attract the client’s attention.