7 Tips On How To Take Aesthetic Pictures That Stand Out



A simple tutorial to turn your novice photo-taking skills into Instagram-master level.

You’ve seen them thousands of times on your Instagram feed and have always been low-key jealous. How can these bloggers and influencers take such jaw-dropping photos that seem to have been taken by professional photographers? Did they take some kind of course? Or are they just really naturally good? Well, don’t worry, because, with this simple guide, you’ll learn how to take aesthetic pictures like they do in no time.

7 Tips On How To Take Aesthetic Pictures

So, without further ado, here are seven simple tips to transform your photos from ordinary to extraordinary.

Let’s Start With The Basics: Maximizing Natural Light

This is perhaps the most important thing you have to remember when it comes to taking photos. Good lighting can make or break a photo, so you need to maximize natural light.

Don’t take photos in the dark as much as you can. Because even with that flash option available on your smartphone, it will reduce color saturation, making your photo look dull. So, if you want a colorful photo - do not even consider taking photos at night.

So, what is the best time to get that beautiful natural light? I highly recommend taking photos as early as 9 in the morning, because that’s when the sun is shining a perfect level of brightness. Not a morning person? Well, sunsets work great, too! You’ll get different levels of brightness on those two time periods, but they’re both amazing in their own way.

For instance, in the morning, you’ll get fresh and vibrant colors. At sunset, on the other hand, you’ll get warm and honey-colored photos.

sunset photo

Next Up: Having a Theme

Have you ever noticed that the most successful Instagram or Pinterest celebrities follow a certain theme in their photos? They’re either all in color, all in black and white, all in sepia, or that kind of thing. And for some reason, having one specific theme makes their photos such a hit.

Ever wonder why? Well, here’s the explanation.

Having a standard concept for your content is like having an artistic identity. It gives the impression of professionalism because you know who you are as an artist. It is important for artists to have their own style or niche because it sets them apart from the rest.

Now, if you come up with one, too, people will think you are taking your craft seriously. In a way, you become more reliable and respectable.

unique style photo

Third Tip: How to Edit Pictures to Make Them Look Aesthetic

This tip goes in conjunction with the second one. Once you have identified your style, you’ll have to learn how to make pictures look aesthetic. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with making some adjustments to your photos. Just because you can’t use the hashtag #nofilter, doesn’t mean they’re no longer authentic.

Just a few touches with colors, lighting, and exposure is all it takes. The key is, you have to make the same edits in all your photos. Don’t go dark on one and warm on the next! This will only confuse your audience.

‍My personal favorites are saturating and sharpening photos. Saturation makes colors pop or become neutral, while sharpening gives off the vibe that you’re using a professional camera.

well edited photo

Fourth Tip: It’s All About The Angles

When taking stunning photos, angles are just as important as lighting. Proper angling can give your photos the best perspective. It’s a little complicated because the best angles are dependent on many things such as the subject and the lighting.

Looking for the perfect angle takes time and a lot of test shots, but it will all be worth it. You want to know how to take aesthetic photos? Well, patience is key.

Here’s my tip, though, if you’re taking a photo of the beach. The lower the angle, the better. Taking photos from such an angle will emphasize the beauty of the expansive scenery.

Tip Number Five: Don’t Be Afraid To Go Retro

While it’s important to adhere to a style or theme, it’s also fun to go rogue once in a while. If you’re thinking of a fun way to switch things up a little, why not retro? Go for the ‘80s or ‘90s vibe by adding some graininess to your photos.

How to make aesthetic pictures that are retro, though? Play with the saturation and grain settings of your photo editor, that’s how!

Number Six: Pay Attention To Details

From your dress to your accessories to the backdrop, details matter. First, think about the message pr vibe you want to convey before taking a picture. And then, come up with specific items and elements that will help get your message across.

For instance, if you want your photo to give off a ‘90s vibe, consider including cassette tapes and old stereos in the scene. That’s how to make an aesthetic picture - infuse simple but effective elements.

Number Seven: Play With Your Camera

Regardless if it’s an expensive professional camera or an iPhone, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with the features of your platform.

That way, you’ll know what its strengths and weaknesses are, which will help you in determining the kinds of photos you can and cannot take.

aesthetic photo

My Final Advice

While you think it’s easier to just copy off someone else’s content, you’d be surprised that it’s actually more challenging. Why? Because you’re not being true to yourself! Believe me, it’s a lot simpler to just take a few hours or days to come up with your own theme or niche.

Just think about what it is you are most passionate about, or what style resonates with you the most, and that’s it! You’ll never have to wrack your brains ever again once you’ve created your Instagram identity.

Because if you don’t, you’ll only end up taking thousands of photos and deleting them eventually. You’ll always feel like your photos are never enough because they do not look even remotely similar to those of your celebrity idols.

But here’s the thing: isn’t it better to be different? There are already millions of similar-looking photos out there - do you really want to be just like anybody else?

So here’s my final advice: don’t settle for being a copycat, be true to yourself, and follow your heart. Go share those masterpieces with pride!

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